I am fascinated by human/techno/plant relations in dynamic systems and networked assemblages. Working with new technology against the grain, my research takes a positive yet critical approach, framed by new materialism and posthumanism. I have presented my academic and artistic research internationally in Portugal, Canada, Hong Kong, London and New Zealand, and published several book chapters on augmented reality/mixed reality as an emergent cultural paradigm. In February 2019, I completed a Doctorate in Art, Design, & Media at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where my thesis – Mixed Reality Re-assembled: Software Assemblages at the Edge of Control – was awarded a ‘Dean’s Award for Outstanding Theses’ by the UNSW Graduate Research School. I also hold a Masters of Literature in Art History and a Masters in Film, TV, and Media Studies, both from the University of Auckland. Currently, I teach in the School of Creative Industries at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Before returning to academia, I had a professional background in the television industry, editing (was an Avid editor for 10 years) and directing ( promo director for 3 years).

My next project is curating the Ars Electronica Biomes Performance Experiment, part of the Newcastle Garden and linking by virtual portal with the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, Austria 9-13 September 2020).

I like to weave together theory and practice in philosophy, cyberfeminism, interaction design, technoculture, camera-less photography and real-time 3D modelling, to think through some of the thorny problems posed by our new hybrid physical and digital spaces. I am indigenous Maori from Ngati Taweke/Te Rarawa/Te Uri o Hau hapu of Aotearoa/New Zealand ( my name means to float on the water or to meet on high, depending on the context). Embodied gestures from kapa haka ( a traditional dance modality), which I learnt as a child/teenager, are emergent in my mixed reality performances, blended with data visualisations and the ephemeral movements of light and sound in extended reality.

This blog represents some current threads of my digital cultures writing, creative work and performative interventions.

For published papers, book chapters and other written research, see my academic profiles:



Rewa Wright performs her artwork Contact Zone. Image credit Charu Maithani.

cropped-screen-shot-2020-01-12-at-4.25.15-pm.pngSIGNALETICFLOW_websiteClarissa RibieroScreenshot_2019-05-21 Tactile Potentials (prototype) - YouTube(1)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My name is Emris and I am putting together a show for Image Union TV, a new independent video platform and online creative community. Our website is not up yet, but can be found here: https://imageunion.tv/ I am interested in using the vimeo video of your piece Signaletic Flow 2.0 and am wondering what the best email is to reach you at? You will be compensated for the licensing of your work!

    1. Hi Emris

      Glad to hear you like Signaletic Flow 2.0. Are you also involved with freeradioSAIC? I know the channel…. Image Union sounds like an excited project, so happy for my work to be involved. Don;t worry about payment for licensing, I am doing fine. Email me at my personal address: rewawright@gmail.com and I will send you a download link for the newest version of the project Signaletic FLow 2.1 in higher quality than what you will see on Vimeo…., and details of the project credits etc. All the best, Rewa

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