Dr Rewa Wright is a media arts and computational design researcher with a collaborative and transdisciplinary practice, encompassing exhibition, performance, publication, presentation, and community engagement. Working with various modes of analogue and digital art since 1998, Rewa has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of motion-based and sonic media, including live performance, music, digital design, and virtual image creation. As an intra-active media designer, experimental media artist and inverse technologist, research is both traditional and practice-based. Rewa’s projects weave together emerging technologies, Indigenous justice, clean blockchains and digital healthcare. An ecologically conscious researcher, she commits to ensuring her techniques and methods are sustainable, create positive social impact in both local and global communities, and respect Indigenous knowledge systems. Her Māori heritage (Ngāi Tawake/Te Kaimaroke/Te Uri o Hau hapu of Aotearoa/New Zealand) is a strength, and affords the capacity to draw on ancient non-Western knowledge from an embodied as well as a scholarly perspective. Rewa’s extended reality installations have been included in the SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery (2019), Ars Electronica: In Kepler’s Gardens (2020), the Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium (2022), the Queensland Extended Reality Festival (2022), and several iterations of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA). She is Senior Lecturer in Creative Practice (Film, Screen & Animation) at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. 

https://unsw.academia.edu/RewaWright https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rewa-Wright

ko Tokatoka te maunga

ko Wairoa te awa

ko Kaipara te moana

Ko Parirau te marae

Ko Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi te waka

ko Te Uri o Hau me Ngāi Tawake me Te Kaimaroke to hapu oku matua

ko Ngāti Whātua me Ngāpuhi te iwi me Te Rarawa te iwi oku tipuna

ko Rewa Wright toku ingoa

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My name is Emris and I am putting together a show for Image Union TV, a new independent video platform and online creative community. Our website is not up yet, but can be found here: https://imageunion.tv/ I am interested in using the vimeo video of your piece Signaletic Flow 2.0 and am wondering what the best email is to reach you at? You will be compensated for the licensing of your work!

    1. Hi Emris

      Glad to hear you like Signaletic Flow 2.0. Are you also involved with freeradioSAIC? I know the channel…. Image Union sounds like an excited project, so happy for my work to be involved. Don;t worry about payment for licensing, I am doing fine. Email me at my personal address: rewawright@gmail.com and I will send you a download link for the newest version of the project Signaletic FLow 2.1 in higher quality than what you will see on Vimeo…., and details of the project credits etc. All the best, Rewa

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