Contact Zone (rehearsal)




Contact Zone is a video recording of a mixed reality performance, with infrared signal, virtual reality headset, living plants, ultra-sonic microphones, and custom built software. Its a studio based rehearsal for my upcoming solo show in the Back Box, UNSW Art & Deign, Paddington, Sydney.

It involves an agave plant whose bio-electrical signal is being transmitted through a capacitive touch sensor, a living green wall made reactive with ultrasonic microphones, an infrared signal that functions as a look through camera as well as a gestural interface, and a human performer. The reactions and intra-actions that emerge via these human and nonhuman actors expose the shifting boundaries of a generative sonic-visual alter-reality, that extends the senses of perception of both the performer and the audience.

Contact Zone is my most recent solo exhibition. To be installed (and performed in) 19-23 November, at the Black Box, UNSW Art and Design, Greens Road, Paddington.
Software design: Rewa Wright
Video documentation: Simon Howden
Live engineer: Simon Howden


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