Have you ever been so busy making work, you forgot to put it on your blog? This has been my experience for the last 6 months. And so now this belated update. 2020 was an intense year of online conferences, with Simon Howden and I presenting our research at 5 international conferences all by remote ( of course!). Here is the full list of publications, plus one not listed but forthcoming in Art + Australia online ( from the Dark Eden Conference held at UNSW Art and Design in November 2020):

Wright, R., & Howden, S. (2020). Signals at the Edge of Control: Co-composing with Plants and Data in Tactile Potentials. In Signals at the Edge of Control: Co-composing with Plants and Data in Tactile Potentials. Madeira, Portugal: Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium 2020. Retrieved from https://siids.arditi.pt/proceedings2020/

Wright, R., & Howden, S. (2020). Augmenting a Human-Plant-Data Assemblage: The Contact Projects. In M. Verdicchio, M. Carvalhais, L. Ribas, & A. Rangel (Eds.), xCoAx 2020: Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (pp. 268-284). Porto, Portugal: Universidade do Porto.

Wright, R., & Howden, S. (2020). Tactile Potentials: A Mixed Reality Project for Live Performance. In 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2020. Canada: ISEA International. Retrieved from https://isea2020.isea-international.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/PROCEEDING_271020.pdf

Wright, R., & Howden, S. (2020). A Technique and Method for Mixed Reality Performance with Digital Augments, Gestural Data, and Living Plants. In T. Ahram (Ed.), Advances in Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Communication of Design. Switzerland: Springer International. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-51626-0_29

A sincere thank you to all the amazing people we had the privilege of working with, and the validation and feedback we received.

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