Keynote Address: Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium (23-25 Sept 2022)

I am delighted and honoured to have been invited to deliver the Keynote address at this year’s Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium in the most inspiring location of Whakatū / Nelson. Whakatū is one of my favourite rohe (regions) in Aotearoa, and I am lucky to have some good friends down there to awhi (support) my visit. Thanks especially to Vicki Smith and the ADA Board for making my Keynote possible. Below are details of my address:

Keynote: Through imaging technologies such as electron microscopes, quantum physics has been slowly proving to itself that all particles in the universe are deeply entangled. Now, the curious situation exists where Western science has ‘validated’ what mātauranga Māori has known and preserved for thousands of years. A close analogy for the unseen movements of quanta is mauri, while the structure these quanta form with other particles, emerges in wairua. Tracing the connections between quanta, nano particles, mauri and wairua, this talk reflects upon threads within media art, physics, medicine, data and posthuman design, to weave a new path forward between Western and Indigenous science, philosophy and cosmology.

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