Success: Australia Research Council Industrial Transformation Hub Funding!

A common refrain amongst creatives who apply for the competitive ARC research grants, is that they put in an enormous amount of work but sadly couldn’t get the project up. Well, this time we did! Extremely thrilled to be a Chief Investigator (CI) on the Industrial Transformation Hub “Connected Sensors for Health”, joining 50 other CI’s (and Partners) from industry and academia throughout Australia. Our goal is to work toward more inclusive, co-designed, streamlined, and engaged healthcare solutions for the benefit of the people! The project is led by Prof, Chun Wang at UNSW, who has worked tirelessly for a number of years to make this happen. Grateful to be included for my small part in this $5,000,000 initial funding round. I am designing a virtual environment for healthcare evaluation to benefit remote and under-serviced communities. This enables me to follow my passion of enhancing digital solutions for First Nations peoples, who are often not adequately or respectfully included in the healthcare design dialogue. Looking forward to future co-design workshops on country with First Nations’ people working together on the co-design of new generation software and sensor solutions: forthcoming in Australia and Aotearoa/NZ next two years!

Link here to the project:


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